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10 Gorgeous Beadboard Projects and Designs

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Wainscoting is a really great way to add style and value to your home.  One of the more popular wainscoting styles is beadboard.  Here are some fabulous bead-board projects that you are sure to love:   Backsplash Spice up your dull kitchen with a fun beadboard backsplash. I found this idea from Liz Marie Blog. Bathtub … Read more

How to Paint Your Ceiling Like a Pro

How to Paint Your Ceiling Like a Professional

A sharp white ceiling can really brighten a room, It will also make the color of your walls pop.  That is if you do it correctly… If you do not tape off your ceiling correctly when painting it can make your paint job look sloppy.     Tape Your Ceiling Here is a trick I … Read more

How to Renovate Your Wooden Door

How to Renovate Your Wooden Door

Being a woodworker seems to be more troublesome at times than it is worth.  Every time I knock on a wooden door that is aging, I just picture in my head what a difference it would make to their home if they were to re-finish the door. Step 1: Preparation Remove all of the hardware … Read more

10 DIY Projects to Update Your Bathroom

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While your bathroom is a part of your home that not a lot of guests see, it can still be depressing to have an old, dingy one. Instead of completely moving or renovating your entire bathroom, here are some awesome DIY projects you can do to update your bathroom and have it looking fresh and … Read more