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10 DIY Projects to Update Your Bathroom

While your bathroom is a part of your home that not a lot of guests see, it can still be depressing to have an old, dingy one. Instead of completely moving or renovating your entire bathroom, here are some awesome DIY projects you can do to update your bathroom and have it looking fresh and fancy!

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Paint your bathroom.  If you like the paint the way it is, go to the next idea.  Paint will brighten your bathroom, giving it a new feel and it will help accentuate the other projects that you do.



Change your bathroom mirror.  This will make the biggest difference in anything you do in your bathroom.  This takes a builder grade boring mirror, and turns your room into a custom bathroom.  You don’t have to break the bank.  You can find a framed mirror in the right size and paint the frame to match.  If you are handy and would like to build one, you can find plans online to build a custom mirror frame.  There is no difference in building a frame for a picture, or a mirror.  If you want to use the same mirror, but you don’t want to remove it first, you can add a trim around the mirror, although I don’t think this the very best route to go.  When removing the mirror, be sure to use string or fishing line to slide between the mirror and the wall, to loosen the mirror, so that it doesn’t break when you try to pull it off.



 There are flooring solutions for all budgets.  If you want to replace it altogether, but don’t have the budget for tile, they make some very nice vinyl floors that look very close to tile.  I have one in my laundry room, and people think it is tile all the time.  If you don’t want to replace it, you can find products to paint both tile and vinyl flooring. Be sure to choose something that is neutral and timeless, so you don’t find yourself in the same position a year later, when trends change.


Counter tops

Of course we all want to splurge for custom granite counter tops, or maybe some fabulous concrete counters, but it doesn’t always fit in the budget.  If you are just looking for an update, you can paint counter tops with Rustoleum Counter top solutions with really great results.



One of the first things I notice in a bathroom (whether I want to or not) is the lighting.  Bathrooms that don’t have windows are often very dark.  Add lighting to brighten up your bathroom and make it shine.  Can lights are very easy to install (depending on your house and location of the bathroom) and they are relatively inexpensive, if you do it yourself.  Also, if your budget allows, change the light fixture above the mirror, if need be. When we built our home, the light fixtures were flimsy, tacky and very unattractive.  One by one, we are replacing them as we can and what a difference it makes!


Towel Fixtures

 If you want to update your bathroom, you can really think outside the box on this one.  I have seen some really great towel racks that add personality to the bathroom.  Some examples of things that can be used are antique door knobs, drawer pulls or knobs, pallet wood with hooks, or just hooks instead of a towel rod.  This is a very inexpensive change, to make a big statement in your bathroom.



You probably need a bathroom rug anyway, so you might as well make it fun and colorful! Get rugs and mats that match each other and also match the rest of your bathroom decorations and colors.


Shower Curtain

Add some color and style to your bathroom with an easy to install shower curtain. You can either buy one that you like or, the more creative and DIY approach, you can get a blank one and paint it yourself!



Bathroom cabinets are a great way to increase your storage area without taking up too much space. There are lots of different styles and ideas, so choose one that works well with your bathroom and go with it!


Paneled Overlay

This is a DIY project that takes a little more time and work than most other ones, but it really does take your bathroom to the next level. Whether you have one, two, three, or more mirrors you want to panel, this idea still works great. Install the panels around the edges of the mirrors to look sophisticated and complete!

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  1. Love #11 – remodeling our master bath we scratched the mirror right in the middle while putting up the new light. My idea was to put a mirror in the middle and this idea is perfect for finishing it off! Thanks howtobuildit!


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