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How To Remove Texture From Walls

Just next week my youngest brother is moving out of his long-time apartment and into his very first house! He is, of course, incredibly excited, and so are we! When we bought our first house, it was such an exciting time in our lives and I’m so ecstatic for him to experience those same moments. … Read more

How to Make Reversible Holiday Wood Signs

I know I’m not the only one who loves holiday home decor that’s easily interchangeable! It’s great when you can use one piece of decor through October and December! A few years ago, I made these incredible reversible holiday wood signs that spelled out an autumn greeting on one side and a cute Christmas saying … Read more

The Easy Way to Fix Dented Corners In Your Home

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It happens to the best of us. We live in our homes for years and years and inevitably, the corners of your walls are dinged by kids, furniture, and even your clumsy self from time to time. Instead of crying over chipped plaster, you can fix all the dings in just a day. Here’s how … Read more

How To Spray Paint Cabinets

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Can you spray paint cabinets? You bet you can, and if you do the prep work beforehand, they will look amazing! Chrissi at First Home Love Life did it with her bathroom cabinet, and got excellent results. Like I mentioned, the prep work is extremely important for best results. This means that you need to … Read more

Cheap And Easy Outdoor Giant Christmas Ornaments (That Are Freakin’ Cute)

Decorating for Christmas is a blast. And if you’re like me, then you probably like to decorate every square inch of your home, including your front yard! Over the years, I have made it my mission to be as unique as possible with my outdoor Christmas decor. One of my favorite things to decorate my … Read more

Thanksgiving Wood Crafts For The Pilgrim in You

The days are getting cooler and the nights are getting colder and you know what that means: the holiday season is quickly approaching, Thanksgiving especially! Soon, you’ll be entertaining guests regularly, starting in the month of November and everyone will be looking at your house and it’s decorations! It’s up to you to make sure … Read more