How To Build It


Backyard Buildables For The Beginner

If you love to DIY and have plenty of outdoor space, why not give one of these backyard buildables a shot? They’re super easy to DIY, and can be easily created with just about anything that you have laying around the house. Are you ready to liven up your backyard? Check out one of these … Read more

DIY Vertical Trellis Ideas

Adding a trellis to your yard is a great way to utilize what yard space you have to truly create something beautiful. After all, trellises take up little to no space and they certainly create some backyard drama! If you love the look of one, but would rather spend your money on something else, try … Read more

Beat The Heat With These Shade Structures

Summer will be here before you know it and we will all be miserable with our first sunburns of the season. But despite the sting of that first sunburn, isn’t it fun to spend hours at a time outside again? I’m eager to feel the sun on my skin! Since my family spends so much … Read more

Stunning Swimming Pool Designs

If there’s anything that can ease the heat and humidity of summer, it’s epic swimming pools. Though they used to be unaffordable or unattainable (due to a lack of backyard space) swimming pools now come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there’s something for everyone. Steal one of these stunning swimming pool designs … Read more

DIY Planter Boxes That You Will Love

Spring is one of my very favorite times of the year, and I know that I am not alone! There’s something simply magical about the season of rebirth and something super colorful, too! Freshly bloomed flowers are just amazing. I love to surround my front porch and other areas of my home with DIY planter … Read more

How to Build It: DIY Garden Box

Ever had a desire to learn how to build a DIY garden box? You can grow almost anything inside of a garden box if you want to badly enough! Garden boxes are a great way to utilize all of the available space in your yard while protecting the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor from … Read more