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Beat The Heat With These Shade Structures

Summer will be here before you know it and we will all be miserable with our first sunburns of the season. But despite the sting of that first sunburn, isn’t it fun to spend hours at a time outside again? I’m eager to feel the sun on my skin! Since my family spends so much time outside during the summer, we are working on a new shade structure to keep everyone cool and calm. We went with design number two for our shade structure, which one will you pick?

Shade Structures

DIY Pergola

Last summer, my husband and I set about creating our own DIY pergola, and it’s been my favorite part of our yard ever since. Not only does the woodwork of this pergola add tons of rustic appeal to our backyard space, but add a curtain rod (or weave curtains in through the beams of your pergola) and you’ve got yourself a DIY shade structure. Imagine all of the afternoons lost while spending time lounging underneath this beauty. Learn more about building your own DIY pergola with this do it yourself article from Bless My Weeds.

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