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10 Genius Ways to Organize ALL Of Your Tools

  1. Cordless Drill Charging Station Create a space where batteries can be recharged when they’re put away so you have the tools you need the next time you have a  project. 2. Hang And Preserve Caulking Tubes Hate wasting caulk but can never seem to keep opened tubes from drying out? Seal them shut … Read more

Do You Own These 12 Tools? You Should!

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1. Cordless Drill We like to think we’re strong, but we all know how much our fore arms burn after a screw or two. Every human on planet earth would benefit from having a power drill laying around. 2. Level Whether you’re building shelves or simply hanging picture frames, you won’t get far without a … Read more

12 Painting Essentials Sure to Change Your Life

12 Painting Essentials That Make Painting EASY

Before you start your next painting project, head to the hardware store or check out Amazon and pick up these DIY painting tools that will make your experience easier and more successful! 1. Accubrush Edge- Painting Tool: starting at $40 Family Handyman   2. 3M Hand-Masker: $20 Family Handyman  3. Rejuv-a-Roller Cleaner: $25 Family Handyman … Read more

5 Must-Have DIY Shop Tools

I will start by saying that I am a woodworker.  The DIY projects that I attempt don’t involve glue guns, they involve tools with more voltage.  These are the top 5 shop tools you need to attempt big DIY projects, crafts or woodworking.  I will post my top 5 hand tools for DIY projects shortly. … Read more