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10 Genius Ways to Organize ALL Of Your Tools


1. Cordless Drill Charging Station

Create a space where batteries can be recharged when they’re put away so you have the tools you need the next time you have a  project.

2. Hang And Preserve Caulking Tubes

Hate wasting caulk but can never seem to keep opened tubes from drying out? Seal them shut with duct tape and hang them on the wall.

3. Use Magnetic Strips

Store small drill bits on a magnetic strip to keep them organize.

4. Tape Dispenser

Stop looking for the tape seam by building a holster with a saw blade to cut perfect pieces with every pull.

5. Screw Driver Shelf

Maximize wall and cupboard space by making this handy screw driver shelf.

6. PVC Wall Storage

Store tall, bulky items against the wall using PVC pipe.

7. Ladder On The Ceiling

Utilize this often forgotten space for more than just lighting and ceiling tile.

8. Peg Board Wall

There is always the classic option of installing a peg board wall. This material is cost effective and space effective.

9. Keep Like Items Together

Use a carabiner to keep wrenches together.

10. Don’t Just Toss Small Parts In The Drawer

Organize small bits in finishing and sewing organizers instead of tossing them in the drawer or leaving them in their cardboard boxes that are bound to break down.

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