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Are You Waxing Your Table Saw?

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  Besides the fact that waxing your saw keeps it looking nice, there are three key reasons you should be regularly waxing your table saw: To minimize oxidation To minimize friction To maintain max performance Woodworking experts keep their table saw in excellent condition by regularly waxing and caring for their machinery. Keep It Looking … Read more

Choosing the Right Table Saw- What to Look For

Nearly all table saws will fall into two main categories.  They will either be a  “contractor saw” or “cabinet saw.”  Your budget, available space, and what type of work you plan on doing will determine what type of saw you should purchase. A contractor saw is light and portable and is limited on how large … Read more

5 Must-Have DIY Shop Tools

I will start by saying that I am a woodworker.  The DIY projects that I attempt don’t involve glue guns, they involve tools with more voltage.  These are the top 5 shop tools you need to attempt big DIY projects, crafts or woodworking.  I will post my top 5 hand tools for DIY projects shortly. … Read more