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4 Tips for Insulating Your Garage Door (And Saving $!)

4 Tips for Insulating Your Garage Door (And Saving $!)

Shrink your energy bill and create a more comfortable work environment by insulating your garage door! Here are some tips and hints for this money-saving DIY project:     1.Types of insulation: Here are the 3 different types of insulation that you can use… Reflective foil insulation: comes in rigid boards and rolls Foam board: … Read more

6 Ways to Make Concrete Floors Look Amazing

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Concrete floors are gorgeous! Wanting to install a concrete floor in your home?  It is totally possible to do it yourself! Here is a summary of what the process entails: (for the complete tutorial go here.) There are also a few great looking concrete floor ideas, as well, near the end! Keep reading for DIY … Read more

How to Replace Your Baseboard

This is a project I really love doing.  There are a couple reasons, first of all, it is not very difficult changing out baseboards, it is a very forgiving project, the walls are rarely straight and the joints never seem to come together in reality like they do on the DIY channels, but if you … Read more

How to Renovate Your Wooden Door

How to Renovate Your Wooden Door

Being a woodworker seems to be more troublesome at times than it is worth.  Every time I knock on a wooden door that is aging, I just picture in my head what a difference it would make to their home if they were to re-finish the door. Step 1: Preparation Remove all of the hardware … Read more

10 DIY Projects to Update Your Bathroom

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While your bathroom is a part of your home that not a lot of guests see, it can still be depressing to have an old, dingy one. Instead of completely moving or renovating your entire bathroom, here are some awesome DIY projects you can do to update your bathroom and have it looking fresh and … Read more