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6 Ways to Make Your Garage More Temperature Proof

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The garage can be an unpleasant workshop during months with extreme heat or bitter cold. Here are some ways to temperature proof your garage so it will be a more enjoyable work space all year round: Insulation Walls Insulate the garage walls and install a moisture barrier over the insulation. Cover the moisture barrier with … Read more

Around The House: How To Install Weather Stripping

 We are starting a new series at How To Build It full of tutorials for basic DIY projects “around the house.” We’ll cover just about any kind of DIY project imaginable in an easy step-by-step manner that’s easy enough for just about anyone to understand. Today, we’ll start with an easy tutorial that explains how … Read more

4 Tips for Insulating Your Garage Door (And Saving $!)

4 Tips for Insulating Your Garage Door (And Saving $!)

Shrink your energy bill and create a more comfortable work environment by insulating your garage door! Here are some tips and hints for this money-saving DIY project:     1.Types of insulation: Here are the 3 different types of insulation that you can use… Reflective foil insulation: comes in rigid boards and rolls Foam board: … Read more