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How to Remove Yucky Oil Stains from Concrete

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Oil stains on your concrete are unavoidable and sadly, very ugly. Running the hose over these bad boys isn’t going to make a difference. But with a few different cleaning solutions, you can clean them up in no time. Here’s how to remove oil stains from concrete. How To Remove Oil Stains From Concrete Removing … Read more

Creative DIY Projects to Enhance Your Deck

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So you want to be a hero, kid? Well, whoop de do. Kidding. It really is hero time now. Hero on the deck. This post gives some ideas for those who are building, cleaning, and decorating the deck space. You can go the distance! Build it From EHow, this tutorial shows exactly how to build a … Read more

7 Tips for Removing Oil Stains from Your Driveway

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Pesky grease stains making you feel depressed every time you enter the driveway? They can be stubborn, but there are ways to get them out. We’ve listed some methods below. Not that you’ll have the best luck with any of these methods if you don’t act soon after the spill happens. Spread some kitty litter … Read more

How to Stain Your Concrete Floor

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Concrete floors can be very handy, but “as-is” they’re not very visually appealing. Staining is one way to make your concrete floor look beautiful and furniture-worthy. The process is lengthy, but relatively simple. Here are some ideas to stain your concrete floor.     Before you begin, make sure you protect your skin and especially … Read more

6 Ways to Make Concrete Floors Look Amazing

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Concrete floors are gorgeous! Wanting to install a concrete floor in your home?  It is totally possible to do it yourself! Here is a summary of what the process entails: (for the complete tutorial go here.) There are also a few great looking concrete floor ideas, as well, near the end! Keep reading for DIY … Read more