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10 Perfect Christmas Decorations (Made from Pallets!)


Take the pieces of the wooden pallet and turn it into a cute little sled or sleigh decoration! You can mount it on your wall or put it on the porch. Add a few accents to make it even better! Turn the pallet into a fun Christmas tree! It’s a nice rustic addition to your … Read more

20 Frugal Holiday Decor Ideas

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Make your very own wreath this Christmas season to save money and also make your home as unique as possible! You can put the wreath on your front door or anywhere else around your home. Make or buy a Christmas themed doormat that welcomes any visitors before they even step inside! You can easily and … Read more

20 Christmas Porch Decor Ideas

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I love having greenery around during the Christmas season because most everything is dead in the winter! I doubly love the idea of added lighted greenery to your porch this Christmas! Take some boxes and wrap them up like presents that you can keep up on the porch. If you have little potted Christmas trees, … Read more

18 Dollar Store Christmas Decorations

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Buy some of those faux berry branches from the dollar store. Get enough of them and you can wrap them together to make a beautiful wreath! You can also do the same thing but with those large snowflakes! Simply attach them together and you can have this wreath! Make these gorgeous framed deer silhouettes! Just get … Read more