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15 Fun (and Festive!) Christmas Party Ideas


Plan a fun pajama and pancake party for you and your friends. Get all sorts of different syrups and types of pancakes and enjoy a fun and warm get together!


For your party, put together a fantastic hot cocoa bar! Have a few different thermoses with different types of hot chocolate and then get all sorts of toppings for it! Everyone loves hot chocolate in the winter!


If you want to have the hot cocoa bar but don’t want to shell out money for the toppings, then make it BYOT—Bring Your Own Topping! Each person can bring one or two things and share with everyone!


Make fun little festive spoons that your friends and family members can use to stir their hot chocolate! Not only are they cute, but they add more flavor to your drink!


Have a white elephant gift exchange for everyone to enjoy! Put a price limit on the gift (from something around the house to $5 or $10) so that no one spends too much.


You could also have a gift wrapping party. Instead of wrapping all your family’s presents by yourself, get a few other people together and you can all help each other wrap your presents! It’s so much more fun than doing it alone.


Make some fantastic Christmas themed food for your party. You can have Christmas themed salty snacks, tasty desserts, or even a full-blown meal!


Winter is the season for hot cocoa, so have a mug making party! It’s fun, easy, and a really great way to express your creativity. Make sure you follow the instructions so the art sticks!


A really great gift to give out is a hot cocoa mix in a Mason jar. You just need the supplies and a small recipe on a tag. Get together with some friends and make these great and cheap gifts!


Have a fun Christmas craft party with all your friends? You can make anything from small snow globes to large Christmas signs! Gather the supplies for some of your favorite projects and get to work!


This year, instead of a classic Christmas party, have an ugly Christmas sweater party! Everyone will have a hoot as they see everyone else’s terrible sweaters at the party!


Have a fun Christmas cookie exchange or Christmas cookie making party! You can get together with all your friends and have a grand old time frosting cookies!

Familie schmückt Weihnachtsbaum

For family and close friends, invite them over to trim the tree. Putting up the ornaments is always a fun activity, and you can make it even better with hot chocolate, treats, and some great Christmas music.


While at your party, have a little stocking with everyone’s name on it. Tell everyone that they have to write a compliment for each person and put it in their stocking by the end of the night.


Have a gingerbread house making competition! You can get actual kits or just use things like Graham crackers and frosting.

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