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How to Organize a Small Bathroom

How to Organize a Small Bathroom

All right everybody, I have finally tackled this one. The small bathroom. It’s been evading me for forever, but I have decided that the time is now to solve the problem of that irking space. I have collected some ideas for how to organize and pretty-up the tricky space of a small bathroom. The storage … Read more

10 Awesome Ways to Use Pocket Organizers

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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure we all need some more organization in our lives. And we’ve all got at least one pocket organizer lying around. Let’s put it to good use and start organizing things! I need this. Take your bills, your mail, your spam, everything you never organize in your … Read more

15 Budget Room Makeovers You Have to See

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When you feel all hope is lost with your remodel, think again. The following are a few heartwarming, hope-giving signs of life. The end of the road is ahead! Transformation from worst to bad to good to great to gorgeous is truly possible. Check out these real-life photo testaments to confirm. From View Along the Way … Read more

How to Remodel your bathroom from Eek to Chic on a budget

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Sometimes bathrooms can be scary places. And thinking about remodeling just feels expensive. Take courage! You can have your dream bathroom on a budget! Check out these ideas to find out how. A grand old story from Carla details how she upgraded her own bathroom. It’s amazing, boys and girls. Just amazing. Need to doctor up that … Read more

How to Tile Your Own Countertops

How to Tile Your Own Countertops

Tile is not only great on floors, it’s beautiful on countertops too! Ceramic or stone, standard or custom style. If you want this look in your kitchen or bathroom and have some free time this weekend, here is a basic look at what it takes to install your own tile countertops.     Strip your … Read more

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates

12 Totally Fast Bathroom Updates (1)

Bored with your bathroom? It’s time to beautify! Get inspired with these ideas:           1. Install new knobs on the cabinets. One fun idea: re-purposed door knockers! Such an adorable idea from Better Homes and Gardens.  2. Install hanging mirrors Hang from a cool knob with a beautiful ribbon. For effect, … Read more