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Optical Illusion: Tips To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

There’s something about a tall ceiling that just makes your home LOOK gigantic, airy, and open. Unfortunately for some of us (myself included), our homes weren’t built to support high ceilings! Instead of going through a pricey remodel of your home to create vaulted ceilings of your own, these tips will help you fake the … Read more

Tips And Tricks To Help Your House Weather Winter

Yesterday we woke up to over fifteen inches of fresh snow in our backyard. We had the first snow day in almost a decade yesterday! However, all of this winter weather can be hard on your home.  It’s important to help your house weather the winter without having to accommodate for any costly repairs. Use … Read more

Tips To Repair Cracks In Your Driveway

I’m known for being a bit of a perfectionist. I love it when every aspect of my home looks neat, orderly, and completely intentional. So when I discovered a few major cracks one morning on my driveway, I knew I had to come up with a fix. and quick! Those cracks were driving me crazy … Read more

Home Repair Secrets Handymen Won’t Tell You

Home Repair Secrets Handymen Won’t Tell You| Home Repair Hacks, Home Repair Tips and Tricks, Home Improvement Hacks, Home Improvement TIps and Tricks, Popular Pin

  Before you call in a handyman for that next job, be aware of the following home repair secrets. These are secrets every homeowner should be aware of, but unfortunately, your handyman may not tell you about them. Keep reading for the lowdown! The number one secret you should know before hiring a handyman is … Read more

7 Things You Forgot To Put In Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

The American Red Cross recommends that everyone have a 72 hour (or three day) kit of supplies in case of emergency. In many cases, it’s important to have a kit full of everything you’ll ever need (usually stored in a large suitcase or duffel bag). Here’s what you should put in your own emergency preparedness … Read more

10 Best Thrift Store Flips- Best Projects to Make the Most $$

Thrift store shopping, thrift store furniture flips, DIY furniture flips, popular pin, home projects, DIY projects, thrift store hacks. furniture flips.

  Furniture Some thrift stores carry a lot of old (and even ugly) furniture that you would never think to buy. If you are willing to put in a little effort though, you can flip these items and sell them for much more than what you paid for them. Chalk paint can become your new … Read more