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How to Prepare Your Home for Winter – Keep Your Home Safe and Sound in Winter

Preparing your home for winter

Winters can get really unkind at times. Prolonged snowing spells, freezing temperatures, and bone-chilling winds can halt the everyday life routine and restrict you to your home. While staying home doesn’t have any consequences, except for a few boring weeks, winters pose a serious safety threat. If the snow continues for too long, it can … Read more

Tips And Tricks To Help Your House Weather Winter

Yesterday we woke up to over fifteen inches of fresh snow in our backyard. We had the first snow day in almost a decade yesterday! However, all of this winter weather can be hard on your home.  It’s important to help your house weather the winter without having to accommodate for any costly repairs. Use … Read more

How to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes Come Winter!

How to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes Come Winter!| Winter Home Care, Winter Care, Home Care Tips and Tricks, Prevent Frozen Pipes, How to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes, Popular Pin #HomeCare #FrozenPipes

  Beware of frozen pipes as we creep into winter. At the very least, it’s horribly annoying not to have water available when you need it. But even worse, frozen pipes lead to cracks, leaks, and BURSTS! So if  the temp in your area is dropping fast, get the know-how on preventing frozen pipes this … Read more