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Into The Woods: Tiny Cabins

I’m not going to lie. There have been several points in our lives where my husband and I have considered selling everything and going to live in a tiny cabin instead. While we’ve never actually done so, we hope to make it happen sometime in retirement. However, what’s more surprising to me is that my … Read more

How to Create a Stock Tank Pool

How to Create a Stock Tank Pool| Stock Tank Pool, Stock Tank Projects, DIY Pool, Outdoor Remodel, Outdoor Home Improvements, Easy Outdoor DIYs, DIY Pool Projects #DIYPool #DIYOutdoor

If you’re dreading another hot summer day with no relief, don’t! We’re going to teach you how to create a fabulous stock tank pool in your own yard for a little stay-cation oasis. Gather Your Supplies: One stock tank A very solid foundation Hose Massive umbrella for shade Pool toys Gorgeous foliage Decide Where You … Read more

How to Hide Your Outdoor Eyesores

How to Hide Your Outdoor Eyesores| Outdoor Eyesores, Outdoor DIY Projects, Landscaping TIps and Tricks, Ways to Hide Your Outdoor Eyesores, Popular Pin

  There are some quite useful things that we need around the house, and they must live outside. But just because we need them doesn’t mean we have to live with the sometimes ugly look of them. If you’re interested in camouflaging those ugly necessities, then this is the post for you. Take a look … Read more

10 Tips for the Perfect Pool Party

Outdoor living, tips and tricks, pool party, summer party, summer activities, boredom busters.

Summer is the perfect time to throw a pool party all of your friends and family members will remember forever. Here are 15 tips to making your pool party the best ever. Prepare to be amazed! 1. Consider Lighting This may not seem incredibly important, after all, it is summer and the days are longer. … Read more

11 Creative Ways to Show Off Your House Number

11 Creative Ways to Show Off Your House Number

Showing off your house number can be a bit of a difficult task. It needs to be visible from the street, and it needs to look great with your decor! If you are tired of the usual same old same old, here are eleven great house number ideas. Display your house number on a bench. … Read more