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20 DIYs for Winter Decorating

We all know that a classic winter decoration is greenery. You can use it wherever you want! It looks great as a wreath, in windowboxes, or even in bouqets on your staircase railing. Incorporate lanterns into your winter decoration to lighten up your home. Put them on the stairs, on tables, or even in your yard! … Read more

20+ Festive DIY Christmas Wreaths

Gather together all of your old ornaments and make a wreath out of them! It’s super cute and looks great. Check out this tutorial from Where The Smiles Have Been.  Go for a classic Christmas wreath made out of green leaves and other naturistic materials. Don’t forget to add hints of red leaves for a … Read more

25 Ridiculously Awesome Holiday Decor Ideas

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These wooden snowflakes are absolutely beautiful! They look great both inside and outside of your home! Drill holes into the wood to create easy lighting for the porch. Use your leftover ornaments to make a gorgeous wreath that you can hang up around your home! Use a pool noodle for the frame, and hot glue … Read more

15 Ways to Decorate with Ornaments (Not on Your Christmas Tree!)

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  Use a string of holiday themed ribbon and hang up your leftover ornaments on your porch! It’s super easy, adds color, and festivity to the front of your home, and puts those extra ornaments to good use!   Hang the ornaments from your window. You can do the inside or outside ledge of the window, whatever … Read more

18 Amazing DIY Home Upgrades

One of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades you can make to your house is updating the hardware. Anything from cabinet drawers to faucets will make your home look so much better! Another great and quick fix is updating light fixtures. You’d be surprised by how much these can do for your home and bring … Read more