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The Essentials Of Minimalist Decor

Just recently, I’ve really started to get into this whole “minimalist decor” thing. In fact, my husband and I completely remodeled our living room a few months ago to look more minimalistic! One of the things I love most about minimalist decor is that a little really does go a long way. If you find … Read more

DIY Modern Address Plaques: Stay Up To Date With Trends

A drab, outdated front porch instantly sets the mood for the rest of your home as drab and outdated! No one wants their home to look like that! If yours could use some TLC, brighten up your dull porch with a few DIY modern address plaques. They only take a few hours to make, and … Read more

Must Have Components for Industrial Decor

My husband and I have taken our skills as a DIY team and decided to start flipping houses! We are currently working on our third home (the first one was such a learning process!) and it’s our goal to transform it from a cozy cottage into a space that resembles an industrial loft. It’ll be … Read more

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table

I met a new neighbor the other day and I fell in love with her cute (and growing) family and her rustic farmhouse decor, especially the DIY rustic farmhouse table. While my immediate “family” is no longer growing, I do have an influx of teenager friends over at my house every day. I love that … Read more

How to Install Beadboard In Your Home

It’s easy to install beadboard! For years I’ve loved what the simple addition of beadboard does for the entirety of your home. Seriously, in just a quick DIY your home is immediately classier! If you want to install beadboard in your own home, use my easy DIY method. Here’s how to install beadboard in your … Read more

How to Make A New Pallet Wall

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Creating your own pallet wall is one of the easiest DIY projects you’ll ever do!  There is a little prep work involved and you’re going to need a few tools: Table saw Electric sander Nail gun and compressor (or a simple hammer and nails works as well) Stud finder Chalk line level A ladder to … Read more