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10 Easy Succulent Craft Projects

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      Decorate your home with these succulent craft projects perfect for any area of your home. Comment below and tell me your favorite! Do you have any extra galvanized buckets laying around? Turn them into a succulent planter! Tutorial from My Own Home Blog.     Mason jars are the perfect base for … Read more 10 Easy Succulent Craft Projects

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Cabinet Remodel, Easy Kitchen Remodel, Easy Ways to Remodel Your Kitchen, Cheap Kitchen Remodel

Dying for a kitchen remodel, but don’t have enough money (or time!) to redo your whole kitchen? It’s time to repaint your kitchen cabinets! The project may seem big and scary, but you only need around two and a half days to complete the project. It’s best to have a solid day to prep your … Read more How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

10 Luxurious Homemade Soap Recipes

Homemade Soap Recipes, How to Make Homemade Soap, Homemade Beauty Products, All Natural Soap, Soap for Less, Natural Beauty Products, Popular Pin, Handmade Soaps

DIY Liquid Hand Soap You’ll Need: 3/4 cup liquid Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap (or make your own) 3/4 cup distilled or water that has been boiled (let it cool completely first) 1 Tablespoon sweet almond oil 1 Tablespoon vitamin E oil 15 drops tea tree oil 5 drops peppermint essential oil Empty soap containers or clean Mason … Read more 10 Luxurious Homemade Soap Recipes

10 Ways to Decorate With Shiplap

Decorate With Shiplap, How to Decorate With Shiplap, Shiplap Home Decor, Home Decor, Home Decor Ideas, Easy Home Decor Ideas

Shiplap inspired decor is all the rage on home renovation shows. Shiplap is a great way to add touches of farmhouse charm and rustic inspiration throughout your home. Shiplap is relatively easy to install, and you can check out my favorite tutorial for installing DIY shiplap here! Here are 10 of my favorite ways to incorporate this … Read more 10 Ways to Decorate With Shiplap

10 DIY Floating Shelf Projects

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    Feel the love with this amazing floating shelf project from DIY and Crafts Ideas. Use one of your hoarded pallets as the backbone for this project!     Minimalism is key with this incredible floating shelf turned storage device. Run 4 The Woods shows us how they easily tackled this DIY project, check out … Read more 10 DIY Floating Shelf Projects

7 Things You Forgot To Put In Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

The American Red Cross recommends that everyone have a 72 hour (or three day) kit of supplies in case of emergency. In many cases, it’s important to have a kit full of everything you’ll ever need (usually stored in a large suitcase or duffel bag). Here’s what you should put in your own emergency preparedness … Read more 7 Things You Forgot To Put In Your Emergency Preparedness Kit