How To Build It


How to Make a Pallet Wall (in One Weekend!)

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  Sand all of the boards you want to use down with 220 grit sandpaper.  This will help remove any rough spots so you don’t end up with splinters if you rub against the wall. Before you install the pallet boards, it’s important that you paint the wall they’re going on with a dark color. … Read more

Creative DIY Projects to Enhance Your Deck

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So you want to be a hero, kid? Well, whoop de do. Kidding. It really is hero time now. Hero on the deck. This post gives some ideas for those who are building, cleaning, and decorating the deck space. You can go the distance! Build it From EHow, this tutorial shows exactly how to build a … Read more

How to Choose the Right Wood for your DIY Project

  Choosing the Right Wood for a Project There are two main things to look for when you are searching for the right wood for your DIY or craft project.  You need to decide which kind of grain you are looking for, and if you need a hard or a soft wood.  It is important … Read more