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6 Ways to Make Concrete Floors Look Amazing

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Concrete floors are gorgeous! Wanting to install a concrete floor in your home?  It is totally possible to do it yourself! Here is a summary of what the process entails: (for the complete tutorial go here.) There are also a few great looking concrete floor ideas, as well, near the end! Keep reading for DIY … Read more

How to Install Your Own Ceiling Fan

Dressing up an old room with a ceiling fan is a great route to go.  Ceiling fans can also help save on your utilities. For starters you need to hang a metal outlet box from the ceiling, this metal outlet box needs to be able to support the entire weight of the fan.  This can … Read more

10 Must Know Tips When Choosing a Paint Color

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

Picking a paint color can be a difficult task, especially if it is a main room in your home.  But before I get into tips for picking colors, remember that you can purchase small sample cans of paint at most paint stores for very little money and cover a small area to get a real … Read more

3 Tips for Staining Furniture

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Start staining furniture with my tips and guide! Oil stains are nearly fool proof, but not completely… I have seen a few projects that missed the mark with oil stain.   The nice things about oil stain is they are very forgiving in the application process, you won’t get runs, and they accent the original … Read more

How to Replace Your Baseboard

This is a project I really love doing.  There are a couple reasons, first of all, it is not very difficult changing out baseboards, it is a very forgiving project, the walls are rarely straight and the joints never seem to come together in reality like they do on the DIY channels, but if you … Read more

15 Interior Brick Wall Ideas

The idea of a brick accent wall inside our home has always intrigued me.  Here are some absolutely perfect ideas to incorporate a brick wall into your home. 1.Bathroom Brick Use brick to create the cutest accent wall for your bathroom. Image from Beacont. 2. Brick Back Splash Bring brick to your kitchen. Brick gives … Read more