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DIY Day: How To Blow Out Your Sprinkler Lines

Fall is quickly approaching and my husband and I are beginning to decide when we want to prep our yard for the cold season to come. Prepping the yard for winter is never my favorite thing to do because I get so sad to say farewell to Fall! Not to mention, some of the prep … Read more

How To Clean Your Air Ducts

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2019 was to completely deep clean my house top-to-bottom a few times a year. Naturally, I wanted to start off the new year right and I began scrubbing just as soon as our New Year’s festivities ended and I cleaned all week long. It was hard work, but my … Read more

How to Revitalize Vintage Furniture with Chalk Paint

Learn how to restore vintage furniture with chalk paint and my simple DIY! I’ve collected vintage furniture for as long as I can remember, and I’m frequently seen looting around estate or yard sales. You can find some gorgeous pieces, and although they may look outdated on the outside, a little chalk paint is all … Read more

Drywall Patching Tips and Tricks To Make It Look Professional

I used to avoid any projects that required me to fix drywall.  I thought it was impossible to make it match from every angle until I discovered these drywall patching tips and tricks. Drywall Patching Tips And Tricks : Holes 1. Check For Electrical Wires Now, this sounds like a given, but it is often … Read more

Easy Tips for Painting A Garage Floor (And Making It Last)

Easy Tips for Painting A Garage Floor (And Making It Last)| Painting Garage Floors, Painting Tips, Garage Painting Tips, Painting Tips and Tricks, Garage Floor Ideas

We have some pretty darn valuable painting tips for those of you looking to start painting garage floors (or any cement floors). Once you check these ideas out, you’ll never go back to how your garage floor looked before! Painting Garage Floors: Tips Tip #1: Clean it really well. Before you set out painting your … Read more

10 Caulking Tips And Tricks For A Perfect (And Painless) Job

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Caulking tips and tricks are something the average homeowner should know. Most of us have at least one caulking project to do during home ownership, but more often there are many.  Depending on the size of the job, a caulking project is a huge pain. Here are a few caulking tips and tricks to make … Read more