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How To Clean Your Air Ducts

Since I have asthma, I wanted to learn how to clean my air ducts by myself. It can be expensive if you hire someone, and I want it done often. So, now that I know how, I am going to teach you. Breathe easier with less dust. That alone makes me happy but so does clean air ducts. #homerepairs #DIYhomerepairs #homemaintenance #howtobuilditblog

One of my new year’s resolutions for 2019 was to completely deep clean my house top-to-bottom a few times a year. Naturally, I wanted to start off the new year right and I began scrubbing just as soon as our New Year’s festivities ended and I cleaned all week long. It was hard work, but my house looks absolutely spotless now! One of the places I was most adamant about cleaning was our air ducts. So much dust gets trapped up in there and it really affects our allergies! As my husband and I climbed up there to start cleaning, we were astounded at all of the dirt and grime! It appeared that we had not cleaned up there in quite some time, but we could already feel ourselves breathing better once they had been cleaned! So ask yourself, when’s the last time you cleaned out your air ducts? If it’s too long ago to remember, follow my guide to clean yours out today!

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