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12 “Fix It” Projects You Can Do Yourself

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1. Faucets That Leak

A faucet that leaks can waste gallons of water every single day. If your leaky faucet has 2 handles and is more than 20 years old, go to the hardware store and purchase a replacement cartridge. This plastic or brass valve comes with all the sink parts responsible for controlling water flow. Turn the water off under the sink and swap out the parts.

2. Unplugging A Clogged Toilet

It’s bound to happen sooner or later so instead of facing the embarrassing act of asking for help, unclog the toilet all by yourself – before anyone finds out!

3. Scratches Inside Of Your Toilet Bowl

Metal cables from drain snakes (though great for fixing a clog) can really scratch up the inside of a toilet bowl. To get rid of these scratches, drain the water from the bowl, scrub the scratches with Bar Keepers Friend and a green scrubbing pad.

4. Holes In The Drywall

The next time you punch a hole in the wall or accidentally toss a shoes a bit to hard into the closet, don’t panic. Patching a drywall hole is a sinch.

5. A Cracked Glass Stovetop

As long as the burners still work on your stove, you can replace the glass in under an hour. Unplug the range or shut off the power to the range from the breaker box. Unfasten the cook top screws. Before lifting the glass top, unplug the wires that connect to the burners. Remove the burners from the cracked glass cooktop and transfer them to your new cooktop. Reinstall the new glass stovetop.

6. Ice Makers That Don’t Make Ice

If your ice maker has stopped making ice, the common solution to this problem is to fix the inlet valve. Shut off the water supply to the fridge. Unplug the fridge. Take off the rear panel. Remove the water supply line from the fridge (this connects to the inlet valve). Unscrew the valve and remove it. Remove electrical plugs from the old valve and attach them to the new valve. Re attach the water lines then secure the new valve to the fridge. Re attach the supply line. Replace the rear panel. Once the fridge has started making ice again, then push it back into place.

7. A Window That Won’t Open

A cool fall breeze through the house feels amazing after a hot and stuffy summer. But what happens when a window won’t open though you’re sure it’s unlocked? Fix that sticky window yourself.

8. Dryers That Don’t Quite Dry

If your dryer takes more than 60 minutes to completely dry a load, there are a couple of things to check. Make sure the dryer has plenty or air circulation and a clean exhaust duct. Once you know these are not the problems, you’ll want to check the blower wheel. So replace the blower wheel, first take of the front panel/housing cover. Unhook the switch wires on the door. The blower wheel is behind the housing cover. Pry the wheel’s retainer ring from the motor shaft using snap ring pliers to take the wheel out of the dryer. Be sure to clean out any lint. Place the new wheel into the motor shaft and spin it with your hand to make sure it spins.

9. Light Switch That Doesn’t Turn On The Lights

Electrical work can be very dangerous but this is one project you can do yourself.

10. Doors That Stick To The Door Jamb

If your door is sticking to the jamb, a couple of things can fix this. Tighten the screws of the hinge first. If the door is still sticking, take the door off the frame. Remove the hinges. Using a chisel, carve out the mortise to be ⅛ of an inch deeper. Take off ⅛ of the frame where the same hinge sits on the door jamb. Reattach the hinges, paint any newly exposed wood, and hang the door.

11. A Toilet Lever That Doesn’t Flush

If your toilet doesn’t flush, you can usually just remove the tank cover and reattach the chain. But it that isn’t the problem, you might had to locate a broken or corroded piece.

12. Fixing A Sink Drain That Refuses to Drain

Drains stop draining for all sorts of reasons – hair buildup seeming to be the number one culprit. But it’s something you can fix yourself. Take a look at this video.

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