10 Chalkboard Calendar Ideas that Look Amazing

Chalkboard Calendar Ideas that Look Amazing

Chalkboards are fun. As trite as that sounds, it’s the truth. Now here’s another fact: Calendars are a necessity for life. Now, what about combining those two wonderful things into one perfect fabulous idea? A chalkboard calendar? A delightful way…

How to Host a Fun Backyard Party

How to Host a Fun Backyard Party

What is better than a backyard party in the summertime? That’s right, literally nothing. I have the best memories of summer parties in my day. Now is the time for planning and preparing to host fabulous parties that will create…

12 DIY Potting Benches

Amazing DIY Potting Bench Ideas

With the Spring and Summer months at our fingertips, it is time to consider our friends the plants, and how we will bring their beauty out in these fair months. Potting benches are an important commodity in this season, but…

How to Organize Wrapping Supplies


There are few things more frustrating than a jumbled mess of wrapping supplies. For some reason, keeping things clutter-free is ridiculously hard. Solution: organize wrapping supplies and keep your stress and your clutter under control. Here are a few ideas…

Easy Energy Bite Recipes

Easy {Healthy} Energy Bite Recipes

We need energy. And in our fast paced society, most of the time we need energy FAST. Like, right now. On the go. Here’s a few easy ideas to whip up your own energy bites for on-the-go storage and accessibility.