10 DIY Laundry Room Projects

10 Simple Laundry Room Projects

Sometimes, when I think about laundry rooms, I just want to cry. Thanks to this post, however, I am now leaping and bounding with joy. From the most embarrassing room in your house to the room you’re hoping everyone will…

10 Easy DIY Throw Pillow Patterns

10 Easy Throw Pillow Patterns and Tutorials

The right throw pillow can totally transform the feel of a room. It can add spice, color, personality, tone things down or liven things up, pull in a color scheme…the benefits of a throw pillow are endless. Here’s a few…

15 Budget Room Makeovers You Have to See

15 {Amazing} Budget Room Makeovers

When you feel all hope is lost with your remodel, think again. The following are a few heartwarming, hope-giving signs of life. The end of the road is ahead! Transformation from worst to bad to good to great to gorgeous…

Backyard DIY Projects You can Do in a Day

One-Day Backyard DIY Projects

‘Tis the season! Winter is retreating and spring is hopping her merry way into the breath of fresh life. With the sun at our backs, it’s time to make plans for the great outdoors. Take a weekend–or even just one day–for…

10 Great Places to buy Wallpaper


It is so darn hard to find good wallpaper. And wallpaper is much needed. Faced with such a dilemma I have compiled a list (complete with representative photos) of the best places to search. You’re welcome.