Great Projects Using Old Doors

Great Projects Using Old Doors

I love repurposing old junk and turning trash into treasure. Recently I came across a photo of an old door that had been revamped and turned into something awesome. Turns out, there’s lots of things you can make out of…

Tips for Painting Over Laminate Countertops

How to Paint Laminate Counters to Look Like Granite

Tired of your ugly laminate countertops? Looking for a change or a fresh pop of color? Or maybe you want something more natural-looking? Save yourself money and get exactly what you want by DIY-ing this awesome project! Here are listed…

How to Brighten up Your Kitchen

How to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel more like a prison than an enjoyable work space? Maybe it’s time to brighten things up! You can go all out with this process, or just do a few simple things. Check out these tips:

7 Ideas For Staying Organized

Great Ways to Organize Kids’ School Papers

If you’re anything like me, getting organized seems like a monumental task. In the past few months, I’ve made notes on what has worked and what hasn’t. Here are some tricks that actually work for getting and staying organized. .