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Cheap And Easy Outdoor Giant Christmas Ornaments (That Are Freakin’ Cute)

Decorating for Christmas is a blast. And if you’re like me, then you probably like to decorate every square inch of your home, including your front yard! Over the years, I have made it my mission to be as unique as possible with my outdoor Christmas decor. One of my favorite things to decorate my … Read more

DIY Giant Lollipops: Sweetest Idea For Christmas Yard Decor

Last year, one of my most asked about Christmas decorations were my giant lollipops! I displayed this sweet DIY decoration around my porch and it immediately became the hit of the neighborhood! If your front yard needs a little sprinkle of holiday sweetness, add it in with these easy-to-make DIY giant lollipops! This awesome piece … Read more

DIY Snowflake Holiday Decor Ideas That Are Awesome

You can’t decorate for the holidays without having some snowflake decor somewhere throughout your home. And believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to make DIY snowflake holiday decor happen in your own home. With a few items from your local craft store and a little patience, you can pull off any kind of snowflake … Read more

Top 15 DIY Christmas Decorations and Decor Projects

Top 15 DIY Christmas Decor Projects

Don’t bust the budget in a trip to Pier 1 or Tai Pan Trading for your Christmas decorations this year! Get your creative hat on and try out some of these DIY décor tricks or others you come across! Sparkling Snow Candles Bedazzle your plain red or green candles by painting them with a coat … Read more