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Doable Backyard Projects For Everyone

If you spend a lot of time at home in your backyard, and a lot of us do, you might want to revamp it a little with a few easy backyard projects for this summer. But don’t be intimidated by the word “projects,” they’re really actually very easy to DIY them yourself.

Check out how the projects below for ideas that will make your backyard absolutely amazing.

Backyard Projects: Landscape Sloped yard with shrubs and flowers and patio seating

Backyard Projects DIY

Build Your Own Gazebo

It sounds like a super intense, crazy project, but it’s actually pretty easy to build your own gazebo. You just need an area to put in your backyard, the right materials, and this tutorial from yours truly.

Privacy Trellis

If you’re in need of more privacy, make your own privacy trellis. There are TONS of different DIY trellises available, and all of them are perfect for added privacy. Check them out here.

Backyard Projects DIY
Pergola with with round columns and wood trellis on top

Backyard Projects On A Budget

DIY Pathway

If you have an expansive backyard, you definitely need a super chic pathway that leads you through your landscaping. Why not make your own out of pallets? All you have to do is disassemble the ones you have, and then lay them out together in the shape of a pathway. Pretty easy, right?

Make Your Own water Fountain

Use a few things found around the house (a large pot, some rocks, and a water pump) to make your own DIY water fountain. Tuck this on a porch or somewhere else for constant enjoyment.

Backyard Projects: Water fountain in backyard near the wood fence. Vibrant green grass

Easy Backyard Projects

One Day Projects

Only got one-day to make some serious backyard magic? Never fear, there are plenty of great projects that you can do to make your backyard look awesome. Checkout this awesome list of Backyard DIY Projects That You Can Do In A Day. 24 hours is literally all you need.

Backyard Buildables

Learn how to build a deck, a table, hanging gardens, and more with this great write up from yours truly. You’ll be AMAZED at how easy some of these are to create. Tutorials here.

Backyard projects: deck
People eating outdoors on a deck. Trees in background with BBQ on deck.

Backyard Projects Firepit

Make Your Own Firepit

If you love to entertain guests, you absolutely MUST have a fire pit in your backyard! Fortunately, I know of 14 easy ones to build yourselves. Check them out here.

Backyard Projects Landscaping

Landscape A Sloped Hill

If your yard is on a slope, you might feel like you are missing out on using all of that great space. But never fear, it’s actually possible to landscape a sloped hill and make it look utterly fabulous. See how I did it in my own backyard here.

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging says a lot about your yard. Make sure it is saying the right things with these DIY lawn edging ideas. Check them out here.

Backyard Projects: Ideas

Looking for more easy projects? Never fear, you don’t have to look hard for them at all! Here’s a list of 32 of my favorite.

Family eating dinner on table in backyard. Backyard projects include covered deck and bench.

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