How To Build It


DIY Easter Baskets Made of Wood

I love all the Spring holidays, but I love Easter the most. I also love tackling a woodworking project at any time that my schedule allows for it. So, when I saw these absolutely adorable DIY Easter baskets from Ana White, I was hooked! I had to make them ASAP.  Believe it or not, these … Read more

DIY Easter Porch Decor Ideas. Some Bunny Was Really Clever

Easter weekend is almost exactly a month away and I’ve already started getting my house put together. I decorated my mantle yesterday, and I’m about to tackle my front porch today! I had several DIY Easter porch decor ideas that I really love, and now I just have to pick my favorite! See my full … Read more

How To Build a Giving of Yourself Tree

In my house, we like to keep the Christmas festivities burning all year long. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that we keep our Christmas tree up all year long (although, my kid have begged me to do so before!) we do keep our giving tree up all year long. Every year, my family gets together … Read more

Advent Calendar You Can Make Yourself

Every December first, wether it’s a school-day, or a weekend, my kiddos get up early to open the first package on our holiday advent calendar. While the look of our advent calendar has changed over the years, we’ve always considered an advent calendar to be a necessity! There’s nothing better than counting down to Christmas … Read more

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

Growing up, I was always taught that handmade gifts meant more than store bought ones, so every holiday season (from when I was a mere five or six years old!) I created my own handmade gifts for my family members. It’s one of my very favorite family holiday traditions and to this day, I make … Read more

Upcycled Ornaments

In our house, we pride ourselves in creating something out of nothing! We frequently re-use (or upcycle!) items commonly found throughout our home to give them a new purpose. Over the past few years, I’ve upcycled tons of furniture! More recently, my cute kiddos have been obsessed with creating upcycled ornaments for Christmas. My kids … Read more