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How to Insulate Garage Doors

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If you bought a home that came with previously uninsulated garage doors, or you bought uninsulated garage doors, don’t worry because there is a solution! You can insulate your garage doors yourself. It’s a great DIY project that anyone can take on. It’s worth doing because it will save money on home heating and cooling costs. Keep reading to see how … Read more

How to Caulk Anything!

How to Caulk Anything! How to Caulk, Caulking Tips, Caulking Hacks, How to Caulk Everything, DIY Home, DIY Home Improvement, Home improvement Hacks, Easy Home Improvements

  For a caulking job to look good and seal properly, there are some important steps you should follow. No matter what type of surface you are going to caulk, read over the following information first. It will show you how to caulk anything! Step 1: Cut the nozzle The nozzle on your tube of caulk is … Read more

Remove Your Popcorn Ceilings! Here’s How

  If you are remodeling and looking to update the look of your home, one of the best moves you can make is to ditch the popcorn ceilings. Popcorn ceilings began in the 1950s and gained popularity during the 1980s, due to the easy application and their ability to hide imperfections. However, because they are so … Read more