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How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are so tiny, but they can be so annoying! It just drives me nuts when ants start to invade my house. I’m also not a fan of using chemicals around the house, so it can be tricky to get rid of pests. But after scouring the internet, I’ve actually found some great ways to get rid of ants–and most of them are all-natural!

pest control, getting rid of ants, how to get rid of ants, ants, gardening, natural pest control, popular pin, outdoor pests, outdoor living

Mommypotamus recommends using clove oil to kill ants around your house. Essential oils can do many amazing things and apparently getting rid of ants is one of them! You could mix clove oil with water and spray it around the house, or you could place the oil in the spots where they usually enter.

Mint oil

Creek Line House uses a mixture of Borax, water, and sugar to kill ants. Though Borax is a chemical, many believe it is the most effective way to get rid of ants. So if you’ve really got an ant problem, this may be your best bet for relief.

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Practically Functional posted another way to use borax that requires mixing it with syrup. This will make the mixture more sticky so that you can place it on an outside wall, instead of inside your home. You could use maple syrup or even honey–anything sticky, really.

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Two Little Cavaliers suggests using grits to get rid of the ant beds around your home. Grits are safe around pets and children, so you can use this method without any worry. Just place the grits around the ant hill, and once the ants start eating the grits, they’ll stop bothering you.

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One Creative Housewife recommends using either cucumber peels or cornstarch to deter ants. It’s best to place these items near entrances–like doors or windows. This will help prevent little ants from roaming the house!

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Princess Pinky Girl has a great tip for keeping ants far away. Apparently if you simply sprinkle cinnamon near ant hotspots, the ants will not cross the cinnamon powder! Your house will be completely ant-free in no time.

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Martha Stewart non-toxic repellant made out of equal parts water and white vinegar is a great way to banish ants and keep your house clean! This is a perfect repellant if you want to avoid using chemicals in your home.

ants 7My Merry Messy Life claims that you can kill an entire ant pile by dousing it with a bottle of club soda. If you notice an ant pile near your home, it may be best to get rid of all the ants in one fell swoop. With just a bottle of club soda, you won’t have to worry about annoying ants anymore!

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Life Martini suggests sprinkling coffee grounds around anthills to keep ants in their proper place. This method won’t kill the ants–instead it will just help define boundaries. They won’t want to cross the coffee grounds, keeping you and your house totally ant-free.

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Life Hacker recommends drawing chalk lines around the entrances of your home. No one is exactly sure why, but it seems that ants won’t cross chalk lines. This is similar to the coffee grounds and cinnamon methods, but you could even get your kids involved with this one!

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