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DIY Wind Chime Ideas to Love

Add some charm to your garden or porch with a DIY wind chime! You’re sure to be inspired with these adorable ideas!

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Culinary Cuteness

Vintage silverware hung in a circle makes for an interesting chime with an antique touch. Idea from The Garden Glove.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Key to Success

Keys make for perfect charms! I love the use of the embroidery hoop too! Another great idea from The Garden Glove.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Bottle Caps

The fun colors of these caps really POP! (No pun intended, ha ha) Idea from The Garden Glove.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Bells and Beads

Use craft wire to create this adorable little chime. Love those tiny bells! Get the how-to at DIY Network.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Seashells by the Sea Shore

I love the very natural look of this chime. Perfect for a beach house—or for those who simply WISH their houses were on the beach! Idea from Lifestyle.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Splattered Cans

This is a great one for the kids to help with! Love the various colors and sizes of the cans. Another awesome idea from Lifestyle.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Flower Pot Upside-Down

Tip a flower pot upside down (you could decorate your own or buy one), attach a wire hoop to the inside and then hang capiz shells from the hoop using fishing line. Idea from Lifestyle.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

I’m a Little Tea Pot

I love the use of this vintage tea pot! Really you could hang just about anything from it, because it’s the teapot that makes it. Found on Lifestyle.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Stacked pots

Create cute colorful layers with progressively smaller pots. And of course a cute charm at the end! Idea from Home Made Simple.

DIY Wind Chime Ideas

Hopefully clinking and clanking is music to your ears, because you might be tempted to make more than one of these!

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