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DIY Backyard Tents For Kids

My kids love to spend as much time in the backyard as they possibly can. But in the summertime, it can get incredibly hot and no one wants to spend time in a backyard that’s scorching hot!  DIY backyard tents for kids are a great way to beat the heat.

These tents are super cute, practical, and cheap. What are you waiting for? Make this the best summer for your kids.

 Easy DIY Backyard Tents For Kids: Ideas!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

9 10 foot poles (PVC or bamboo works terrifically!) 


-Tape Measure

-12×15′ dropcloth (Amazon)


-Craft Knife

DIY backyard tent ideas for kids

DIY Backyard Tents For Kids: Step By Step

Step One: Gather three poles and tie them together (about 6-12 inches from the tops of the poles) with rope. You will want to tie the poles together so they are in a “teepee” looking shape. Double knot your rope so your tent shape stays secure. Lay the teepee out on the grass, upright, when finished tying.

Step Two: Take one of the other poles you have laying around and place it in between the pegs of your first three poles. Repeat until everything is fully supported. You can make a tent with just the three holes, but I find that the extras are nice to have because they keep everything intact and upright. Make sure that all of the poles are spread out evenly.

DIY backyard tents for kids

Step Three: Open the canvas so it lays flat on the ground. Divide the length of your canvas in inches by two to determine it’s middle point. Once determined, be sure that you mark its placement with a marker of sorts! Have help marking the center of the canvas at the middle point by tying a marker to a string.

Step Four: Cut your canvas (this is where that craft knife comes in handy!)on the center line that you just drew. You should now have two perfectly halved pieces of canvas.

DIY Backyard Tents For Kids

Step Five: Wrap your canvas around one pole, creating a starting point and securing it. Once secured, wrap the canvas tightly between the pole legs. When wrapping, keep in mind that you want all of the poles to be covered, but you still want the tent fabric to be secure!

Step Six: Once the fabric strips have been woven between the tent poles, your outdoor tent is ready to use! We like to fill ours with blankets, pillows, and books. It’s a great place for the kids to relax and take a nap in during the afternoon, and I feel better knowing that they have plenty of shade!

DIY Backyard Tents For Kids


These DIY backyard  tents for kids make for such a fun party idea. Invite the neighbor kids over for a camping themed party. Serve camping food, and dollar store backpacks full of camping essentials make great favors. Have the kids dress in jeans and plaid. And, maybe a camping sleepover would work as well. Summer has never been so fun now that the kids have their own tent.

If you like pitching a tent in the backyard for the kids, why not upgrade to an actual camping trip? Our guide to camping hacks will help you make the most of the experience.

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