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Bringing Back The Past-Vintage Bathroom Tile Ideas That Will “Floor” You

There’s nothing wrong with something that is just a little bit vintage. And honestly, vintage bathroom tile is a trend that is coming back–and bigger than ever–in the coming year. People everywhere are combining vintage black and white tile with more modern fixtures and it’s turning out absolutely amazing. If you’re thinking about a simple bathroom upgrade, consider replacing your bathroom tile with one of the vintage bathroom tile ideas below.

Vintage tile will always have an appeal, not matter what decade we are in. There is something about the look that speaks to all of us. Whether your bathroom is completely retro of you just want to add and element of days gone by, these vintage floor tile ideas add a perfect feeling of an era gone by. Step back to a time when craftsmanship was stellar and colors with minimal. Show us want you did in your bathroom with vintage tile. We'd love to see! #vintagetileideas #vintagetileinbathrooms

Vintage Tile Bathroom Ideas: Art Deco

This vintage tile with clever pattern work is the definition of art deco tile for the bathroom. If going for an art deco look, you really cannot go wrong with bold and beautiful patterns. Let the tile be the focal point of your entire bathroom.

Are you redoing your bathroom? Vintage tile is coming back in and is the hottest latest trend! These vintage bathroom tile ideas will get you so excited to start your project!

Vintage Bathroom Tile Ideas: Mid Century

Bright, colored tiles were really popular around mid-century, and believe it or not, the look is coming back. Bright blues, pinks, and even turquoise hues look wonderful as an accent wall in any bathroom. With the right fixtures, it’s possible to make any shade of tile look completely modernized. Just take a look at the image below, isn’t it beautiful?

Are you into the mid-century modern look? If so, these vintage bathroom tile ideas are for you! You'll love the way your bathroom looks!

Vintage Bathroom Tile Ideas: Black and White

The options are endless when it comes to vintage black and white tile ideas. There are many patterns and styles to choose from, and all of them have an effortless way of completing just about any space. I find that adding a bright pop of color somewhere in your decor is a great way to tie the whole thing together. Just take a look at the idea below.

Black and white anything will always be timeless! Why not design your bathroom to be a classic, vintage black and white look? These vintage bathroom tile ideas are amazing! Don't miss out.

Other Vintage Tile Ideas For The Master Bathroom

Classic brick gets a modern makeover with a little whitewash. Though you will definitely need SOME kind of sealant in a brick bathroom, there’s something about the ruggedness of it that makes any space look really edgy. I love this vintage look!

So you're trying to up the way your bathroom looks? Do you have an existing brick wall? Whitewash the brick for this fun, edgy look. For more vintage bathroom tile ideas (and brick), look here!

Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment With Color…

At the end of the day, decorating with vintage tile is all about working with bright and funky patterns. But a bit of color doesn’t have to be overwhelming, just check out the turquoise tile below.

Are you redoing your bathroom? Don't be afraid to play around with color a little bit. These vintage bathroom tile ideas are so fun and chic.

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