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Barnwood Bathroom? I Think So.

I’ve always dreamed of a barnwood bathroom. Just the other day, I was driving along a back route and noticed the demolition of an old barn in the area.

I’ve seen the barn sporadically for years;  only when I had made an effort to go that direction. I’d always marveled at its beauty and the way its wood has gracefully aged and worn over time.

Like any DIYer, I decided I had to have that old barnwood, immediately. For the barnwood bathroom of my dreams, of course! I’d planned to use the old boards on the walls, or as a vanity.

I pulled off to the side of the road and set about making that beautiful barnwood my own. Fortunately, the demolition team was more than willing to let me take some of the wood off of their hands–they even helped me load it into my husband’s truck!

If you love rustic home decor, I think you’ll adore one of these barnwood bathroom ideas!

Panel Your Walls

If you have enough wood, why not? Use a nail gun when attaching these to your wall and always remember that a laser leveler is your best friend. Find my favorite nail gun here. And my favorite laser level here. 

If paneling your entire bathroom seems a bit much (I completely understand!) focus on just paneling an accent wall! I liked the idea of placing mine on the wall behind the toilet. The toilet area is pretty grim in my house, so I’m looking to liven things! Use this guide of mine to create a barnwood accent wall. In one weekend only!

Barnwood Bathroom Wall

Barnwood bathroom accent wall

Make A Vanity (or a Room Divider!)

I love every aspect of this rustic bathroom, but the item that caught my eye immediately was the sliding barndoor! Using a sliding barndoor as the divider between the master bed and bath is all the rage. Joanna Gaines would definitely approve! Purchase sliding barndoor hardware for your project here. 

Unable to salvage an actual barndoor? Use the barnwood you did salvage to make your own! All you need is this guide, courtesy of me at How to Build It.


barnwood bathroom vanity and sliding barn door

DIY Vanity

Give a modern bathroom a warm, rustic touch with a vanity made out of barnwood. Finished with white marble, edgy mirrors, and farmhouse hardware, this bathroom is the perfect mix of modern and rustic.

DIY barnwood bathroom vanity

Create Over-the-Toilet (or Hanging!) Storage

Doesn’t everybody love a DIY that’s easy to create and makes your bathroom look great? Over-the-toilet storage is as easy as pairing rustic hardware with your barnwood and attaching them together. Make sure that you sand properly before assembling because barnwood splinters can be horrible! Or, you can just skip the DIYing and purchase from Amazon. It’s not exactly the same, but I’d probably just buy two and stack them on the wall.

Barnwood bathroom shelves

Barnwood Bathroom Shelves

This towel rack is the easiest project on the list! Sand and stain a base piece (in your desired size) and attach old 2x4s with wood glue or screws. Add a few hooks on the bottom for good measure and added storage space. Hang when complete!

barnwood bathroom shelves

To add another rustic element, check out this article for tin walls.

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