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8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)

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This curtain is perfect for windows in doors. Grab a piece of fabric and glue some magnets into side pouches. You’ll want to secure the seam with fabric tape or something similar. Then, just decorate the curtains as you see fit! Add a magnetic strip to your door if it doesn’t already have one and then hang up the curtains!

8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)

For tie up blinds, here’s a great idea: take a piece of fabric that will fit in your window (you may need to iron the fabric to get its true size). Fold the edge in about an inch and iron it to create a seam. Take some Fabri-Tac and apply it to the seam, pushing down with your hand to seal it really well. (Fabri-Tac is flammable, so don’t do this with your iron!) Repeat this process for the other side and the bottom of the fabric. Use some wood and more Fabri-Tac to create the header of your blinds, drill the mounting hole in it, and then mount the curtain!

8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)2

Make some nice café inspired curtains with this great tutorial! Measure the window and cut your curtain fabric to the right length. From there, you just have to cut holes into the fabric (for the curtain rings to hold them), or you can make the cuts in the back so that the holes can’t be seen. Either way, it’s an easy and CUTE curtain project!

8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)3

If you have lots of strips of fabric sitting around, then make a valance for you windows! Pick out the colors and styles you want to use and then tie them onto a curtain rod. Repeat this process for all the other strands and, voila, you have your curtain! Isn’t it so cute!?

8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)4

I love that this project is so versatile. It allows you to have 3 different types of curtains with just one project! Measure the window, cut the fabric, and fold two inches in to get the finished edges to your curtain. From there, make pockets in the top and bottom for the tension rod you’ll hang the curtain from (and make the different types of curtain). Iron the fabric, if needed, to make it smooth!

8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)5

 Make a gorgeous (and super easy) valance for your kitchen window with only some scissors and an old tablecloth. That’s it! Cut the tablecloth into the number of curtain pieces you want and to the appropriate length and then add bathroom ring (or ring clips) to them. Thread the rod through the rings and hang up the new curtains!

8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)6

For a classy and elegant DIY curtain, try this tutorial. Get a fancy rod and then measure the fabric to twice the width of your window. Measure out the height that you want and thinks look bests for your window (taking into consideration a lining, if you want it). From there, you just gather the fabric into a small bunch and then tie it to the rod with a ribbon! That’s it!

8 No Sew Curtain Projects (Tutorial Included!)7

Turn those old (but cute) twin sheets into gorgeous drapes for any room in the house! Just make a slit on the top of the fabric and then slide your curtain rod into it. Use hem tape (or any other material you’re comfortable with) to hem your sheets and make them look great. Then all you have to do is hang them up! Enjoy!


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