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14 Absolutely Incredible DIY Slime Recipes

14 Absolutely Incredible DIY Slime Recipes

Okay, maybe you’re thinking what I was thinking when I heard that there was more than one recipe for slime. What?! But yes, let me show you all the absolutely incredible {honestly!} DIY slime recipes you can make at home. Who doesn’t love a few fun crafts for kids? Take a look!

1. When I read this one, I thought, “Are you kidding me? Hot cocoa slime?”  Not kidding! Hot cocoa slime. It’s perfect for squishing through your fingers while you inhale its lovely, chocolaty scent. It’s also edible for littles who like to put things in their mouths.

Hot Cocoa Slime

2. I was surprised by this one too, but it’s also for real: magnetic slime! All you need is liquid starch, Elmer’s school glue, and iron oxide powder. Incredible!

Magnetic Slime

3. Kool-Aid slime looks like an awesome rainbow, and it’s edible! All you need is Metamucil with psyllium fiber, water, and some Kool-Aid packets for color and scent.

Kool-aid Slime- edible, easy to make, and borax free!

4. Here’s a recipe that could be adapted easily for different holidays. Easy bat slime looks so cool!

bat easy slime sensory play bouncing polymer


5. Chocolate stretchy slime looks like melted chocolate. *Note that this recipe is not edible. Smelling only!

Chocolate Stretchy Slime Recipe from Fun at Home with Kids

6. Calming glitter slime is actually recommended for children with sensory and/or anxiety issues. Get the recipe from Lemon Lime Adventures.

Calming Glitter Slime Recipe

7. This ocean swirl glitter slime looks so fun!

Ocean Swirl Glitter Slime from Twodaloo

8. Frozen silly putty is perfect for the little Elsa-obsessed girls in your life. All you need is some clear school glue, water, Borax, silver and blue glitter, and blue food coloring.

Frozen Silly Putty Top Shot

9. Polka dot slime? Ultra fun! Just add pom poms to a basic slime mixture of clear school glue and liquid starch.

Recipe for an ultra fun and stretchy Polka Dot Slime! Fun at Home with Kids

10. Glowing slime actually glows in the dark! So cool!

the slimest slime recipe

11. I want to play with this fancy silver and gold slime. Amazing!

Gold and silver homemade slime recipes for kids

12. Add Insta-sno to a basic slime made from clear school glue and liquid starch to get Super strong Snow slime. Drape it over play penguins for icy fun.

Super Strong Snow Slime Recipe: this snow slime has the coolest texture! Strong, stretchy, and almost puffy, it can be anything from an iceberg to a snowdrift to a skating rink!

13. Red hot slime looks and smells like the candy, and uses Red Hots in the recipe. The scent is great for sensory play!

Valetines Day Crafts and Kids Activities - This Red Hot Slime Recipe looks like such a cool variation for February! Perfect for Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grde

14. Add a little learning to your kids’ slime with alphabet letters.

eye spy


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