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12 Creative Non-Candy Valentine’s for Kids

So, as much as I love Valentine’s Day because of all the goodies and gifts, I sometimes struggle with the day for the same reason. My husband and I made a New Year’s resolution to limit the sweets in any way we can. My kids, though they don’t know it, will be feeling the effects of this. It will all begin with the valentine’s gifts they’ll take to their school mates!


There are SO MANY different kinds of bookmarks you can make but I think these little paperclip bookmarks are my favorite.



As a kid, I hated this. As a mom, I’m more than happy if my kid comes home with a handful of pencils rather than candy. So…


Magnifying Glasses

Why? Because how many of these did you get as a kid? None? Me too. And if I had gotten one, I would’ve thought it was the coolest thing in the world.



Ah! You can find socks everywhere and it’s yet another unique gift. I love socks.


Glow Sticks

I can’t think of any kid who is either allergic to these or hates these. They’re a safe bet!


Whoopee Cushions

I’m a kid at heart. Truly! I know my son would love getting one of these!


Bee Mine

How cute is this? And everyone loves Burts Bee’s lip balm! Get the printable from Pizzazzerie.

12 Creative Non-Candy Valentine's for Kids

I Think You are Just Write!

You could do fun pens, or pencils! (depending on the age) Idea from Bits of Everything.

12 Creative Non-Candy Valentine's for Kids

You’re Just Plane Awesome

The little boys in younger grades would think this was the coolest Valentine! Idea and tutorial from A Little Tipsy.

12 Creative Non-Candy Valentine's for Kids

Friendship Bracelets

A good craft project with your child! And they could choose what they wanted the bracelets to say! Tutorial from It Happens in a Blink.

12 Creative Non-Candy Valentine's for Kids

Matchbox Cars

Is your child more into cars than planes? Here is a perfect idea for them! Idea and printable from Love and Lion.

12 Creative Non-Candy Valentine's for Kids

You Make my Heart Bounce

You can’t go wrong with some fun bouncy balls! Idea from Time 2 Save.

12 Creative Non-Candy Valentine's for Kids

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