How to Paint Baseboards On Carpet

BaseBoard Painting

Before I knew this simple tip, I always avoided projects that would require me to re-paint our baseboard.  The reason being, that if you taped off the baseboard several problems would occur.

  1. The tape would shift and move and rub against the freshly painted baseboard,
  2. It was difficult to get the tape between the carpet and the baseboard, I would often times end up with a few strands of the carpet poking through that would end up painted.
  3. The tape would inevitably end up sticking to the paint and pulling off pieces of my nice new paint job.

So here is what I did to combat this annoying problem.  I get a roll of packing tape, and roll out a foot or two touching the carpet and going up a little over an inch of the baseboard.  Then I take a smaller putty knife and push the top of the tape down between the baseboard and the carpet, I continue working my way across the whole area to be painted.


The reason for using packing tape and not regular painters tape is that the packing tape is durable enough to not rip or split from the putty knife pushing it into the crevasses, then once I remove it, it does not rip and leave small piece under the baseboard.  Also the packing tape is fairly sticky which is a bad quality for painter’s tape but a great quality when trying to get it to stick to fuzzy carpet.

Once I am finished painting and it is dry, I take my same putty knife and break off the tape from the baseboard where the two have dried together, I just slip the knife up and down working my way across the wall, any little imperfections that are left will most likely be covered up once the tape is removed and the carpet returns to where it was.