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What You Should Know Before You Flip Furniture

Flipping furniture is more than just a fad. Are you in the market for a great piece of furniture to flip? Take a look at these guidelines before you get started!

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Flipping Furniture

Great places to find perfect pieces for flipping include garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, and auctions. You are likely to find awesome deals, and if you’re willing to put in the work to flip it, you’ll end up with a great piece of furniture for very little money!

 When you are looking for a piece of furniture to flip, it is important to ask yourself two things: (1) How is the framework of the piece? That is, does it still function? You don’t want to have to rebuild the furniture (unless you are an expert woodworker, then go right ahead), you just want to redecorate it. (2) What will you use the furniture piece for? Are you going to use the bookshelf to hold books or display photos or hold dishes? Think outside the box and design your new piece to fit your need.

Different materials require different types of paint and even different methods of painting. Prep work is always the basis for a beautiful finished product. Make sure you know what your material will require.

For Profit

If you want to sell the furniture after you flip it, do the cost-benefit analysis. Take into consideration the cost of supplies and be realistic about how much you think you can sell the piece for. Compare those numbers against the cost of the original piece, and decide whether or not you can make a profit.

Check out these 7 super simple, very straightforward steps from “1500 Days to Freedom” on the basics of furniture flipping. Although there are a variety of techniques you can use, this is a popular way to do it and a good way to start. These will give you a basic ideas of what supplies you will need and how much time it will take.

Here’s a chance to see what chalk paint can do for furniture.

Best of luck on all your furniture flipping adventures!

11 thoughts on “What You Should Know Before You Flip Furniture”

  1. Thank you for this much needed article. Many people are needing a little extra income and this is one place to try it. I started flipping furniture almost two years ago and am still excited about it. I think the most important thing is that you love finding great deals on used items, and you love re-imagining what they could be. Then you must patiently hone your skills a piece at a time. It is true in this business that you make your money when you buy your furniture piece AND when you sell it. Learn to negotiate, people expect it. Great items pop up everywhere, so you HAVE to become an OPPORTUNISTIC person. Study the going price of things so you can spot a great deal anywhere, and snatch it up! Study quality, and pass up anything that isn’t mid to high quality.

    Learn basic furniture repair skills like tightening up chairs and tables, etc. You can earn your money back in spades if you have some repair skills. Learn more from every piece you work on. Find your niche with the kind of pieces you offer and the style of your work.

    Be careful of multi-color creative painting on your pieces, people will admire your creation, however it may sit for awhile for someone who is using that particular color scheme. Study the techniques others are using by watching youtube videos, and scouring through home decorating magazines. Buy and up-cycle what you love!

    When I first began selling my up-cycled furniture, I rented a space in a busy antique mall for about 10 months. I did pretty well, but discovered that the people there are thinking ‘garage sale’ prices, not true worth prices. Plus you have a hefty monthly rent fee. The owner of the antique shop makes the most money! I have sold on Craigslist with good success on larger pieces of furniture, and on Etsy. (That is just my experience.) Take the very best pictures you can. Study all aspects of your craft and you will get better. As your skills and pieces improve, you will make more money. Diligence, patience, and tenacity will be your best allies.


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