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Keep Kitchen Countertops Clutter Free

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We scrub and clean our kitchens daily, but struggle to make them look “clean” – have you consider that perhaps it isn’t the crumbs but the clutter than makes your work space look messy and disheveled? But removing clutter is still tricky, especially in our kitchens. There are so many items we use all day long that deserve a space on our countertops. Well here are a few ways to keep them ready and accessible while creating a cleaner and more organized look to your kitchen.

Start with the sink. Create a lovely display of your frequently used soaps and lotions (matching labels and nice containers go a long way).

The sponge and scrub brush you’re always using tends to live on the sink as well. Put them away somewhere still easily accessible like below the sink, attached the the cupboard door.

Do you have a space on your counter for dumping mail, flyers, kids drawing, and more? Get rid of these piles by turning a deep drawer in your kitchen into an organized filing system.

Store recipes, note cards, and miscellaneous office-type supplies on the walls instead of in baskets and cups on the countertop.

Organize utensils and other frequently used cooking items in one place. Consider keeping them all together with matching containers and a tray.

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