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How to Repair Vinyl Siding

Wall finished in vinyl siding

Good news! You can fix tears, cracks, and holes in your vinyl siding without the help (and cost) of a professional. You don’t have to replace all the vinyl—just the section that is damaged. Here’s how it’s done:


  • Get some replacement vinyl siding stock. You’re lucky if you have some leftover from the original installation. If not, take a sample of your siding to the hardware store or contractor siding supply for a match.
  • Your siding might be faded, in which case it will be hard to find a match. In this situation you might consider taking a piece of faded siding from the back of the house or other inconspicuous spot to use as a replacement. You can then cover that spot with brand new siding that doesn’t match as well.
  • Use a zip tool to remove the damaged section of vinyl siding. “Unlock” the siding from the top and bottom.
  • Remove the nails from the damaged section of siding using a pry bar or the back of a hammer.
  • Use tin snips to cut off the damaged section. Use a framing square to ensure you cut in a straight line.
  • Cut a piece of replacement siding about 3” longer than the damaged piece you cut out using a utility knife (you want some overlap with the new piece).
  • Lock in the new piece by attaching its bottom hooks into the top hooks on the piece below.
  • Nail in the new piece on the top edge, in the nail hem. Place nails about 12” apart and leave about a dime’s width between the nail head and the siding (you don’t want it locked down too tight because the siding will be less flexible and more susceptible to future cracking).
  • Lock in the top edge of the new siding with the zip tool.

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