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How to Make a Butterfly Wing Necklace

Every year all the girls on my mom’s side of the family (grandma, aunts, cousins, nieces, sisters, etc.) get together for a crafting weekend. This year we had 18 of us all under one roof. Needless to say, it was a party! One of the crafts we did was a (REAL) butterfly wing necklace. It is SUPER simple and SUPER cute—just my kind of craft. The necklaces are so unique and look incredible in the sunlight. So here is the “how-to” just for you:

How to Make a Butterfly Wing Necklace








Judikins Diamond Glaze (from the craft store)

Necklace Chain (from craft store or Etsy)

Necklace Pendant (from craft store or Etsy)

Glass Bead (from craft store or Etsy)

REAL Butterfly Wings (from Ebay)


  1. Gather your supplies. You can use a variety of pendant shapes, sizes, and styles. You want a pendant that is “dish-like” because you will place the butterfly wing inside and then press the glass bead into it. Also, try to get a pendant that does not have a design inside it. This may show through the wing (as it did in mine). One more helpful hint: Handle the butterfly wings VERY carefully. They are extremely fragile. We found it best to grab them on the edges. You may want to order more than enough butterfly wings in case some get ruined.
  2. Place a small dot of the diamond glaze glue in the center of the pendant and rub it all around. (Not too much glue as this will darken the wing.)
  3. Place the wing on top of the pendant in the position you want.
  4. Next, put a small dot of glue on the flat side of the glass bead and rub it around. Again, not too much glue.
  5. Gently press the glass bead, glue side down, onto the wing and into the pendant. The edges of the wing that stick out from the pendant will break off. You may need to help this process by gently cutting the edges of the wing away with a needle or fingernail. Do not pull edges of the wing out, as this may rip out some of the wing that is inside the pendant. Do not move the glass bead around until the glue is completely dried, as this may rip the wing.
  6. If there is residue from the glue on the glass, rub it off with nail polish remover after the glue is completely dried.
  7. Put your pendant on your necklace chain and enjoy your new piece of jewelry!


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9 thoughts on “How to Make a Butterfly Wing Necklace”

  1. Please add an alternative to using Real butterfly wings:–Mothers-day-DIY-idea–including-printable An alternative to “real” butterfly wings. 😉… “No butterflies were harmed in the making of this craft. Do you love the look of butterflies, but not enthusiastic about having actual, dead butterflies hanging on your walls in your home? Me too! Here is a vegan, kosher, free version :)”

    • Butterflies live incredibly short lives. There is no reason to not recycle them once they die naturally. As long as they are purchased from the right people, they are cruelty free and ethically sourced.

  2. Having trouble finding a pendant like the one in the picture….can you be more specific as to what kind it is? Or which etsy vendor? It’s so pretty.


  3. I’m not fond of the idea of hurting butterflies either. I do however appreciate the real wing jewelry. You can make these by simply collecting the dead butterflies you see outside. They have lived their natural life, and you are simply preserving their beauty. 🙂 Also, you can buy from people on etsy that state that they find butterflies in their garden etc. and do not sell any butterflies that haven’t died naturally.

    It’s possible that the wings she bought from ebay were like this.

  4. Thanks for the information Jamie.

    Do you recommend a source to obtain the “pendant that is “dish-like” from Etsy? I have no clue, I’m a dude.


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