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How to Install In-Floor Heat

How to install in-floor heating- I want this!!

In-floor heating can add a comforting touch to tiled areas that naturally chill the feet. In-floor heating can warm your toes and the entire room in an energy-efficient way. The process is relatively simple, but you will most likely need the help of an electrician to install it. Here is a look at the basic process: (for a more in-depth tutorial go to


  1. Buy a standard sized floor warming system or order a custom-sized one online.
  2. Lay out your mat on the cement board level of the floor.
  3. When laying out the mat:
  • Do not overlap the mat, but keep the sections right next to each other.
  • Keep 4 inches away from the wall, shower, tub, sink, toilet.
  • Keep the blue heating cable 2 inches away from itself.
  • The cable is embedded in a mesh mat; when laying out the mat, only cut the mesh part–NOT the cable.
  • Cover the area as much as possible; if your mat is a bit small, use what you have to cover the areas you will be walking on most.
  • Use double-stick tape to stick the mat to the cement board.
  • To get around corners and fixtures, cut individuals cords away from the mesh and hot glue them to the cement board.



4. Before you install the tile, you will need to do some electrical work. Consider hiring an electrician for this part!

5. Lay the tile

  • Buy tile that is at least 6 inches square so each tile will cover two mats.
  • Gently apply the mortar directly on the mat. Be gentle so you don’t nick the cable.
  • Tap the tiles into place with a rubber mallet.
  • Fill spaces with grout.

6. Finish up the wiring–enter the electrician!

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