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10 Tips to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel more like a prison than an enjoyable work space? Maybe it’s time to brighten things up! You can go all out with this process, or just do a few simple things. Check out these tips:

10 Tips to Brighten Up Your Kitchen


First, take a look at your walls. Could they use a fresh coat of paint? Is the ancient floral wallpaper still on there? Is it dark wood paneling (heaven forbid!)? Brighten up the room with a color like yellow or light blue (I’m kind of in love with light blue). These colors ARE light, but they also REFLECT light a lot more than dark colors.


Light Fixtures

What better way to brighten up a room than literally bringing in light? Change old, yellowy overhead lights for new fixtures or simply change out the bulbs—go for bright white. Also, consider installing accent lights in addition to general lights inside the cupboards, underneath the cupboards to highlight the backsplash, over the sink, etc. Maybe even install a skylight!



Evaluate your window treatment (and if you don’t have a kitchen window, seriously consider having one installed). Are the old blinds always down, keeping out the light? Maybe a light-colored or sheer curtain or even just a valence would be a better, brighter solution.



Install a backsplash. The reflectiveness of the glass or tile will help brighten up the room, as well as add some texture and uniqueness to the walls. (AND it’s a lot easier to clean than wallpaper.)



know, this is the answer for everything. But really, if you put away all the junk, you’ll be surprised how much cleaner, bigger, and BRIGHTER your kitchen feels. Throw away or donate anything that’s old or that yo haven’t used in a while.



Not only are mirrors a practical necessity for any house, by putting them in your kitchen you add more light AND more space. Mirrors will brighten things up by reflecting natural and artificial light, but they also make your kitchen look bigger by reflecting more space.



You can add loads of color and fun by just updating your kitchen appliances. Get them in great colors like red or blue and watch your kitchen brighten up dramatically! Get small appliances like toasters and Kitchen
Aid’s in fun colors as well.



What a fun and unique idea! By painting the cabinets each different colors you not only add tons of color to your kitchen, but you also make organizing a snap! Instead of having to say “the second cupboard from the fridge on the bottom” you can just say “the blue one!” Way easier and funner!



An easy way to brighten up your kitchen is by painting or replacing the furniture. This is especially great if you’ve been wanting to get new stools and chairs for a while! Just choose kitchen furniture that is comfortable and looks great!



Everybody loves nature, right? So bring a little bit of that love into your kitchen with some plants! This will add color but it will also remind you to bring in as much sunlight as possible, too! If you want, you can use plants that double as vegetables, fruits, or herbs so that you can have beauty and practicality!


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