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Cheap And Easy Outdoor Giant Christmas Ornaments (That Are Freakin’ Cute)

Decorating for Christmas is a blast. And if you’re like me, then you probably like to decorate every square inch of your home, including your front yard! Over the years, I have made it my mission to be as unique as possible with my outdoor Christmas decor. One of my favorite things to decorate my yard with is outdoor giant Christmas ornaments. And believe it or not, they’re pretty easy to make yourself with items found around the house. Keep reading below to see one of my favorite DIY projects of the entire Christmas season.

Outdoor Giant Christmas Ornaments DIY

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY outdoor giant Christmas ornaments.

-Plastic balls (find these in those large containers at WalMart. You’ll want to pick a solid color)

-Empty tuna cans (this will be the ornament hanger, you’ll want to use something a bit bigger depending on the size of your ball)

-Eye hooks

Metallic spray paint

Ribbon (or something else used to hang them up)

If you like to decorate your yard for Christmas, you need to incorporate outdoor giant Christmas ornaments. They are easy to make and super cute!
Step One

Remove the label from your tuna can and clean it out well so that there aren’t food remnants left over. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that the label is removed cleanly. When you’re done cleaning, drill a hole into the bottom of the can and screw in an eye-hook. Spray with a bit of spray paint to hide the numbers on the top of the cans.

Outdoor giant Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite decorations for Christmas. They are super easy to make and are so cute!
Step Two

Clean your plastic ball with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar to get rid of any residues that may have been leftover from the store. You can attach the tuna can to the top of the ball with a line of super glue right on the inside. Let the glue dry completely before hanging or displaying.

Step Three

After the glue has completely dried, display them on your porch using an S hook strung through the eye hook. Alternatively, you can display the ornaments on the ground, you’ll just have to make sure they are weighted down by something. You don’t want them to go blowing away!

If you want to have the cutest yard this Christmas, then you need these outdoor giant Christmas ornaments. They are so cute and super easy to make.

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    • I was just looking at this and it looks super cute! I think maybe getting yard stakes (like the ones that come with tents) would work well…have the string going through the eyehook and then pulled and staked to the ground?? I dunno.


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