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10 DIY Laundry Room Projects

Sometimes, when I think about laundry rooms, I just want to cry. Thanks to this post, however, I am now leaping and bounding with joy. From the most embarrassing room in your house to the room you’re hoping everyone will accidentally notice, these DIY laundry room projects are gold.

Make your laundry room a place you love so much, that doing laundry doesn't feel like a chore. It's easy to do with any one of these DIy laundry room projects. Ideas for budget projects, weekend projects and more. Keep on reading. #Laundryroomdecor #beautifullaundryrooms #diyhomeimprovementprojects #homeupgrades #howtobuilditblog

DIY Laundry Room Projects

First on the red carpet is Melissa. Create a perfect little niche for those ugly runaways, label and everything!


Your organization nightmares are over. With this simple design from HoosierHomemade, you will never worry about juggling stations again.

Mobile-Laundry-Station-a simple and quick DIY Laundry room project

 Another organization idea comes from Katie. Keeping things out of the way is always a plus, and this tutorial places your bins usefully and charmingly.


I adore this tutorial from Annie demoing a wood-board top to any fixture. It looks amazing!

DIY Laundry Room Projects

I am so impressed by this highly functional tutorial from the Schweizer Family. Everything is within hand’s reach, and it doesn’t look like your washing machine is exploding! Fabulous.

Great way to add storage for laundry baskets- DIY laundry room project

Hometalk made my day with this one. Pull it from the wall, ladies and gentlemen. And hang your clothes in the fashion savvy way. 🙂 What an easy and great idea. A favorite of the  DIY laundry room projects.


Angela should be knighted. Look at this! Just look at it. Be amazed. Because it is amazing. All of your cleaning supplies in one perfect and convenient place. Life doesn’t get much better.

Pegboard Wall System For an Easy AND Creative DIY laundry room project

How about this sliding door from Jen? Certainly makes a statement, not to mention adding some serious character to an otherwise shabby-looking little space!

Sliding barn door makes up one of the many impressive DIY laundry room projects

I can always count on Elsie for some fun design ideas. Add your own flair to your washing and drying machines with this tutorial. I love it!

DIY laundy Room projects

Again from HomeTalk, really make the space yours. Mason jars are good for just about anything, but I never thought of putting my laundry supplies in them. It looks incredible!


If you have a small space for laundry, try these ideas.

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