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DIY Patio Screens For Shade

Summer is right around the corner and I can’t wait! I’m so eager to spend my afternoons hanging outside with my kids. However, everyone knows that warmer weather comes with ample sunlight. Isn’t it so easy to get totally sunburned after a day outside? Instead of sweltering in the sun all day, take refuge under one of these DIY patio shade screens to protect you from the sun. I just love these DIY backyard shade screens. You can create shade throughout your backyard in practically no time at all, so let’s get started!

Basic Umbrella

Looking for a super simple way to create some shade in your backyard? Look no further, it can be found in a simple backyard umbrella! Though it would be hard to DIY your own umbrella, it is relatively easy to incorporate an already made one into your yard. To do so, install your shade umbrella into the center hole of your outdoor table. If you don’t have a table, stick it into a pre-made area of wet cement. No matter how you choose to install a basic shade umbrella into your backyard, it will always be there to provide you with a much-needed area of shade. I’d like to enjoy a Mimosa or two under one of these babies in my backyard! I love DIY projects as easy as this.

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