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13 Ways to Save Serious Money on Your Home Renovation

Home Renovation, Home Renovation DIY, Home Renovation Ideas, Home Renovation on a Budget, Home Renovation Before and After

DIY projects and home renovations are some of our pet topics here at How to Build It. So an important part of both of those is how to save money on renovations. We’ve put together some great ways to save to better help you {and ourselves} get the most out of those home projects. Here are 13 ways to save serious money on your home renovations!

Home Renovation, Home Renovation DIY, Home Renovation Ideas, Home Renovation on a Budget, Home Renovation Before and After
From This Old House

1. Keep the basic footprint of the space. Anytime you decide to move walls and add square footage, you are adding a lot of expense to your renovation. The good news is, you can definitely increase efficiency without expanding the space itself. Adjusting cabinet sizes and changing the flow of a room are just two ways to do this.

2. Instead of adding windows or a skylight, cut the expense by adding a solar tube. You’ll bring in a ton of natural light without spending a ton of money. I have two of them in my home and can attest to their awesomeness!

3. Plan ahead and look for money-saving deals before your renovation begins. For example, if you plan to renovate your kitchen, watch for special offers on countertops, flooring and backsplash needs. Saving on the biggest items is one way to save serious money on your home renovation!

4. Hit up a Habit for Humanity ReStore recycling center. You can save big bucks on gently used lighting fixtures, bathtubs, sinks, and other building materials you need.

5. Everyone knows that tackling some of the parts of your renovation yourself is a great way to save money. Doing any demolition yourself is a top pick of DIY projects. Make sure you have your contractor clearly mark any walls or surfaces not slated for demolition so you don’t inadvertently remove something that needs to stay!

6. Ask your contractor about any stock he has left over from other jobs. He may let you have it for a song.

7. Some contractors will also allow you to work alongside them–cleaning up, retrieving tools, etc., and that will save you money and time. It’s commonly called sweat equity, and it’s worth doing.

8. On some major remodels, it may be more cost effective to tear down the existing structure and start from scratch. In some cases, it’s also a code {and safety} issue.

9. You should always plan for the unexpected! Leave wiggle room in your budget for the problems that tend to show up during a major renovation.

10. If you renovate a kitchen or bathroom, save money by leaving the existing plumbing right where it is. It is also more costly to add and remove electrical outlets. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but minimizing it also minimizes costs.

11. If you have a truck, you can save money on your renovations by hauling away debris yourself.

12. Don’t pay full price for new appliances. Watch for sales around holidays, buy scratch-and-dent, or look for gently used appliance deals.

13. Watch for upgrades that will lower your monthly utility bills and do those first. Things like double pane windows, energy-efficient HVAC and better insulation will pay for themselves.

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