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12 Things to Create With Pebbles

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If you love nature and the look of natural elements in home décor, you’ll love today’s post! I’ve created a round up of 12 amazing things you can create with pebbles and small rocks. Take a look, because you might just be surprised at what you can make.

1.Got a plain metal bucket, or even an empty #10 can? Take it up about six notches by adding pebbles to the outside. It’s an easy DIY project with big design impact.

diy rock covered bucket

2. Jazz up your desk space by turning pebbles into fun paperweights. Steller used old maps for this, but the possibilities are pretty much endless.

3. This is a project an older child or teen could do pretty easily. Let them create cactus displays from pebbles. Cute!

4. Paint some pebbles in fun and colorful patterns, add a magnet, and you’ve got rock magnets. Why didn’t I think of that?

5. A rain chain serves a real purpose, but this would also be fun to create out of pebbles and heavy duty floral wire.

Pebble and Stone Crafts - Rock Chain Decor - DIY Ideas Using Rocks, Stones and Pebble Art - Mosaics, Craft Projects, Home Decor, Furniture and DIY Gifts You Can Make On A Budget

6. Can you believe the intricacy of these DIY mandala stones? Don’t be afraid to break out the acrylic paints and give it a try! They’d look lovely in the garden.

Mandala Stones DIY

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